NFT Collection

• No expensive lands
• No boring games
• No ugly pixel art

Just stupid pics, a great community, a NFT-Marketplace and a utility token

Create a marketplace for DeFi NFT projects

Create an awesome NFT community

DAO: All holders will have the right to participate in special surveys and polls held exclusively among our community

Giveaway great and funny NFT drops

''OpenSea has 63 times as many NFTs as users.
Choose the right one''


Earn money with your WSP NFT

As a WSP NFT holder, you are shareholder of the Wallstreetpets projects. 75% of the revenue from the WSP social media and NFT marketplace fees are send to the NFT holders. 

How to join WSP

STEP - 01

Join the whitelist

Enter your details and have a chance to be whitelisted. We will also raffle 50 NFTs among the fillers

STEP - 02

Get an email

If you have been whitelisted, you will receive an email.
NOTE: The NFTs are only available for purchase at https://wallstreetpets.io. Never send crypto to other websites or via email.

STEP - 03

Buy the NFT

Buy Matic and use the website to exchange your Matic for your NFT.

STEP - 04

Get rewards

Receive a portion of the advertising revenue from our social media website and revenue from the NFT marketplace

WSP Token

We created a utility token that can be used on the NFT marketplace and our WSP Social Community. The tokens will not be sold but distributed among the NFT holders. We also airdrop to the people who have completed the whitelist form.

Roadmap Launch Timeline

25% sold

We will expand our social media by promoting our website with your money.

50% sold

When 50% of the collection is sold, we'll able to create the NFT DeFi marketplace. 

75% sold

We'll send a gift to all NFT holders

100% sold

We will expand the NFT marketplace with a NFT DeFi launchpad


Are you the original creator of WallStreetBets?

No, I'm just a stupid guy. WSP is a sub-community of WallStreetBets

Why Polygon?

Because you're a cheapskate

(and so am I) If it's needed to swap to the Ethereum network in the future, we will do it

Should I invest?

Ask yourself

Where can I buy this stupid artwork?

You can buy the NFT on the website when you're whitelisted. Click here to fill in the form

What's the price?

60 MATIC Presale price. After the presale the price will be 150 MATIC

How are you going to create your own community?

With your money

How many NFTs can I buy?

You can buy 10 NFTs per wallet

Sale Roadmap

Whitelist Opens

Form opens on Tuesday the 10th of May.

Ends on Friday the 10th of June.


Presale opens on Saturday the 10th of June.

Ends on Saturday the 2nd of July.

Public Sale

Public sale opens on Sunday the 3rd of July.

Ends on Sunday the 7th of August.

What makes us different?

We at WallStreetPets are focused on creating a community that actually benefits you. This includes being able to communicate easily with other buyers and sellers about new trends and development in the NFT market.

The idea is that you can share and interact with all your questions, opinions and highlights about NFT, DAO, Whitelists, WallStreetPets and so on. We strive to build a platform where everyone with an interest in trends in the NFT marktet can go.

We will also share news and trends and will answer questions through this community.